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Hiking and cycling tourism

The Carpathian Region (Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast and Maramures County) is one of the main territories in Europe for making walking tours. The diversity of natural obstacles gives tourists an opportunity to get access to the full arsenal of hiking techniques, terrain orientation, makes it possible to hold educational measures. Planned hiking routes in the Carpathians are of different levels of difficulty, from the most simple (family and children tours) to the difficult and days-long ones (for experienced tourists; the third level of difficulty).

Walking tours through the Carpathians can be made from May till October. Though one should remember that in May there is still a lot of snow lying on the highland, and in October the temperature is rather low, especially in the nighttime. The most interesting trails in the Carpathians pass through mountain ranges. Thus the trail of the third category of complexity passes through the highest mountain ranges: Chornohora, Gorgany, Rodna and Maramures.

Planning walking tours in the Carpathians, one should remember that there are territories, appointed for the conservation objects (Carpathian Biosphere Reserve, The Carpathian and Synevyr National Nature Park, etc.), and to cross them one should get permission in the administrations of these objects and follow certain rules of conduct. Mandatory requirement when making walking tours is to inform the unit of mountain rescue squad situated in the mountain areas of the region. Neglect of safety principles by the tourists leads to emergency situations, connected with the search and rescue of the tourists.

Most popular among the tourists are the routs trough the Chornohora Range with climbing Mts. Hoverla, Pip Ivan, Petros, Gutyj, Tsiblesh, Rodnej and visiting highland lakes Brebeneskul, Nesamovyte, Maricheyka. Great tourist attraction for the polish walking groups is the trail trough the former polish border, which crossed Chornogora massif and Central Gorgany (Mt. Syvulia).

The Level of Difficulty of Routes on the Territory of the Carpathians

The second level of difficulty

Yasinia ‒ Mt. Chorna Klyva ‒ Mt. Bratkivska ‒ Mt. Durnia ‒ Rogoza Pass ‒ Mt. Pobyta ‒ Mt. Bert ‒ Mt. Velyka Keputa ‒ Mt. Bushtul ‒ Mt. Koretvyna ‒ Mt. Chorna Rika ‒ river Ozerjanka ‒ Lake Synevyr ‒ Mt. Ozerna ‒  Torynskyj Pass ‒ Mt. Chorna Ripa ‒ Jalynkuvate.
Yaremche ‒ Pryslop Pass ‒ Mt. Dovbushanka ‒ Bystrytsja ‒Rogoza Pass ‒ Mt. Durnja ‒ Mt. Bratkivska ‒ Okoly Pass ‒ Mt. Tataruka ‒ Mt. Odjaska ‒ Mt. Stig ‒ Mt. Blyznytsja ‒ Mt. Stara ‒ Kvasy ‒ Mt. Menchul ‒ Mt. Petros ‒ Mt. Hoverla ‒ Mt. Pip Ivan ‒ Verchovyna
Mt. Gutyj (Baja Mare, Mt. Bayja Sprie, Kavnik, Desesti, Baiut) ‒ Mt. Tsiblesh
Mt. Tyrgu Lepush ‒ Mt. Rodna
Mt. Dragomireshti ‒ Mt. Mojsej ‒ Borsha (Maramures mountains)
Mt. Viseu de Sus ‒ Mt. Viseu de Zhos ‒ Borsha

The third level of difficulty (experimental)
Rakhiv ‒ Mt. Pip Ivan Marmaroskyj ‒ Mt. Stih ‒ Mt. Chorna Hora (Pip Ivan) ‒ Mt. Hoverla ‒ Mt. Kukul ‒ Yablunytskyj Pass ‒ Mt. Dovha ‒ Mt. Bratkivska ‒ Rohodza Pass ‒ Mt. Syvulia ‒ Mt. Popadia ‒ Torunskyj Pass ‒ Mt. Chorna Ripa ‒ Berkut

Yaremche ‒ the Zhonka River ‒ Mt. Dovbushanka ‒ Stoly Pass ‒ Mt. Chorna Klyva ‒ Mt. Bratkivska ‒ Rohodza Pass ‒ Mt. Syvulia ‒ Mt. Popadia ‒ Mt. Chorna Ripa ‒ Berkut
Rakhiv ‒ Mt. Blyznytsia ‒ Mt. Bratkivska ‒ Rohodza Pass ‒ Mt. Syvulia ‒ Mt. Popadia ‒ Mt. Chorna Ripa ‒ Berkut
Verkhovyna ‒ Mt. Pip Ivan (Chorna Hora) ‒ Mt. Dzembronia ‒ Mt. Hoverla ‒ Mt. Petros ‒ Kvasy ‒ Mt. Blyznytsia ‒ Mt. Tataruka ‒ Okola Pass ‒ Mt. Bratkivska ‒ Rohodza Pass ‒ Mt. Syvulia ‒  Mt. Kinets’ Gorganu ‒ Mt. Bert’ ‒ Mt. Bushtul ‒ Ruskyj Pass ‒ Mt. Popadia ‒ the Gorgany Range ‒ the Roztoka River ‒ Lake Synevyr ‒ Mt. Ozerna ‒ Mizhhirja
Bicycle tourism has its advantages compared to other kinds of tourism. Bicycle is a very comfortable means of travel. It gives traveler the opportunity to cover great distance at a rather high speed, get acquainted with the regions during a short journey, visit interesting places situated at a great distance one from another.
Bicycle travel is an exciting kind of active rest which gives a lot of unexpected, sometimes yet unseen and original things. For the purpose of popularization of active rest in the Carpathian Mountains, namely bicycle tourism and extreme sports, connected with mountain bicycle, bicycle contests and festivals are held in the Carpathian region.
Today due to the project ‘BikeLand’ there begins the formation of infrastructure for bicycle tourism on the territory of Yaremche city council, the Verkhovuna, Kolomyia, Kosiv, Nadvirna and Sniatyn Raions of Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast.
Within the framework of the project ‘BikeLand’ the following tasks were completed:

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