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Rules of conditing in the mountains


Memo to the rural households visitors

Dear tourists!

Staying in a private household You might want to hike or cycle, ski, gather berries, mushrooms or simply go to the mountains.

 Going for a hike, one should understand that there one can face various adventures that have not only a pleasant, but also a dangerous side.

To ensure tourist’s safety, the owner of the household should:

  • inform tourists about the danger possibility during a stay in a private household or the intended travel, the need to keep mandatory requirements and fulfill preventive or precautionary measures (medical immunizations, insurance etc.);
  • create safe conditions in places the tourists are served;
  • ensure keeping of special safety requirements during the provision of services of an increased risk (extreme tourism);
  • provide tourists with qualified specialists in tourist support (guides);
  • provide tourists with training in prevention and protection from injury, prevention of accidents and ensuring the delivery of the first aid;
  • ensure the delivery of immediate aid to people who got injured during the trip, ensure their transportation;
  • promptly inform local authorities and responsible individuals about the emergency situations, provide information about missing people.

In accordance with the legislation, when organizing guests’ leisure, holding excursions or provision of other travel services, the owners of rural households must comply with safety rules and require this from tourists they accept.

It is not allowed to take children under 14 years for a hiking tour. Children under the aforesaid age may go for a tour only accompanied by their parents or people replacing parents who undertake the responsibility for children’s lives and health.

 If a specialist in tourist support (guide) is absent, select a team leader who must be:

  • at least 18 years of age;
  • experienced of not less than two tours/campaigns, similar in complexity to the tour to which he intends to lead the people;
  • possess basic skills of delivering first aid.

 In accordance with current legislation, the leader of the group is responsible for life and health of the group members. Remember, that the experience of the guide, his reputation and knowledge of the route is a guarantee of a safe trip.

The selection of a route depends on the physical capacities of its participants, their level of technical training, specific conditions of the area (state of the route) and participants’ goals. When choosing a route, the main requirement is the safety of the latter.

 Be aware that in case with the mountain hikes the time for a tour (excluding the time for rest) is calculated by sum up of time of group’s moving horizontally (not exceeding 3 km per hour) and vertical climbing (0.3 km per hour). Duration of walking down (in case with an easy route) is 0.75 km per hour from the time spent on climbing up. At the flat locality the tempo can be accelerated (herewith the pulse should not get increased more than twice), and while climbing up the speed must be necessarily reduced.

 The availability of equipment and its quality affects both safety and health of tourists. Preparing equipment for the group is the responsibility of the team leader. Going to hike, even during the best possible weather, remember to take a windproof suit (it occupies very little space), wool sweater and socks, hat (compulsory) and a plastic raincoat. Keep in mind that the umbrella does not protect from the bad weather in the mountains. Every adult should have a box of matches in a waterproof package.

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