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Unique tourist objects

Ivano-Frankivsk region

  • “Dovbush Rocks” – the complex nature monument of national level near the village Bubnysche, Bolekhiv district. A stone 200 meters wide labyrinth goes from the East to the West almost one km through the beech and spruce forest. This unique in shape and location accumulation of huge rocks, stones reminding amazing creatures and plants, attracts thousands of tourists and is a favourite place for training of mountain climbers. Dovbush Rocks are also called “Carpathian Sphinx”. They form a part of cognitive and tourist excursions offered to the guests of the spa facilities in Lviv region (Truskavets, Morshyn).
  • Manyava waterfall is a waterfall of 22 meters high, located in Bohorodchany district on the river Manyavka, near the village Porohy and the operating monastery of Maniava Cell.
  • Starunya mud volcano (village Starunya) – a geological monument of nature - the only active volcano in Western Ukraine that appeared as a result of human activity. Its first action happened in 1977 after the earthquake in Vrancea Mountains in Romania. At that time at the cone-shaped hill with a diameter of about 50 m there appeared the first craters expressing liquid mud and gas. Since then, the volcano "breathes" through dozens of less-active mini-craters. At the same time available in Starunya volcano ozocerite, hot mud and high salinity water, have valuable medicinal properties.
  • Painted Stone. A unique natural masterpiece located 7.5 km. from Bukovetsky pass, to the right from the village Cheretiv, at an altitude of 1220 m above the sea level. Painted Stone is a huge block of sandstone 50 m long, with the height of a three-storey building. It used to be much bigger, but as the time passed, it got cracked and broke into smaller pieces. In ancient times the mysterious signs (even crosses, circles, diamonds, schematic figures of people) were carved on the rock. They are clearly visible in the rays of the rising sun or during the sunset. The nature of Painted has always attracted a lot of visitors to that place. It was visited by Ivan Franko, Mykhailo Kotsyubinsky, Olga Kobylyanska, Vasyl Stefanik, Hnat Khotkevych, Osyp Makovei. The scientists believe that in pre-Christian times the Painted stone used to be a pagan sanctuary. It was visited by those who prayed to the sun and wind, earth and mountains. There is a legend that Dovbush has closed the entrance to the cave, where he place invaluable treasures, with the Painted Stone.
  • Manyava skete, an architectural monument of the XVII century, located near the village Manyava, Bogorodchany district, has been established in 1606 by J. Knyahynytskyy fostered in Athos monastery. This is a sainted place with therapeutic spring water in the picturesque Carpathian mountainous area with a therapeutic microclimate. In 1748 the Skete received the stavropegia from Constantinople, and became self-governed and independent. In 1612 the Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross has been built. It is believed, that Hetman of Ukraine I. Vyhovsky has been buried in the skete.
  • The original centre of Hutsul arts – village Yavoriv in Kosovo region has been known long ago for the wool blankets - coarse woolen blankets with a relief surface and a long fluffy bilateral pile, with Hutsul patterns with smooth transition of colours. Today woolen blanket is one of the oldest types of interior weaving, which is in perfect harmony with the modern interiors.
  • Hoshivskyy monastery of the Basilian Fathers and the Church of the Transfiguration of God on the Yasna Mount in the village Hoshiv, Dolyna district, founded in 1570. It is a place of pilgrimage for Christians from around the world, coming here to pray to the miraculous icon of the God’s Mother.
  •  “Carpathian tram” - a unique complex of narrow gauge railways in Dolyna district, which is a gem of historical and technical heritage of the region. The program of tourists transportation "Carpathian tram" has been launched in 2003 during Boykiv festival held in the respective area.
  • Astronomical and meteorological observatory on Pip Ivan mount (2028 m) in Verkhovyna district, which is the highest located building in the region. The observatory has been constructed on July 29, 1938.  Another name of the object is "White Elephant". Pip Ivan has a pyramidal form, in the upper part is covered with stones. Pip Ivan mount is mainly covered with  sub-alpine vegetation, shrubs (juniper Siberian, rhododendron) and spruce forests (up to 1500-1600 m high). The name comes after the rock on top, which reminds a priest in a cassock. Currently the remains of the rock look like a formless heap of stones.

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