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Rules of the careful attitude to nature
  • Every pile of grass and every leaf enriches the air with oxygen. We breathe oxygen, there is no life without it. Do not trample or pick off the plants. It is unacceptable to pick off the rare flowers, listed as endangered nature (so called Red Book).
  • Do not make noise in the wood, because the extra sounds (scream, music, dog barking) scare animals forcing them to leave their areal.
  • Do not cut living trees for firewood, alpenstocks or pegs for tents; do not damage the crowns and trunks of the trees, do not break branches to make hovels, underlay etc. If necessary, you can cut only the side branches, but in no case you should cut the top; use only the dry branches for the fire. Especially one should avoid felling and damaging trees and shrubs on the slopes of the cliffs and hills – they help strengthening the soil and prevent erosion.
  • Do not break branches of bird-cherry threes, ash-berry, rose, guilder rose, wild rose and other trees and shrubs with flowers or berries.
  • It is unacceptable to "tattoo" trees, rocks, natural, historical and cultural monuments. Carving by means of a knife, cutting be means of an ax or painting names, initials etc. leads to the destruction of monuments.
  • Do not destroy bird nests, anthills (ants clean the forest by destroying the pests), mycelium (when picking mushrooms, cut off them near the land surface by means of a knife).
  • Do not take little animals in hands. First of all, it is dangerous for You, and secondly, due to the smell of human, their mother can leave them alone.
  • Do not make fire apart the designated places or under the trees, do not smoke while passing through the forests during the hot days. Remember to thoroughly stifle the fire (pour water).
  • Do not stir up the sources of drinking water.
  • Do not live garbage of paper, food remaining and cans around the area. Leaving the place, burn the remaining paper, cans and bury the remains along with the other garbage or take it away. Do not ever crush bottles or other glassware.
  • Do not crush bottles or other glassware. The remains of the bottle or metal can injure the wild animals and tourists.

 Decomposition period of some artificial products:

- chewing gum

5 years

- metal can

10 years

- the same, but burnt off

5 years

- lighter

100 years

- plastic package

20-300 years

- plastic bottle

500 years

- glass bottle

1000 years


After having received moral satisfaction from the surrounding beauty, leave all places You have stayed in a better condition than those were when you have found them.

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