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Types of tourism

The tourist-recreational branch is declared to become a strategic direction of the development of the Carpathian Region’s (Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast and Maramures County) economy and is an important factor of dynamic and stable increase of the local budget and substantial, positive influence on the situation in many aspects of the economy.


In many villages of the Carpathian Region tourism plays the leading role in the economy, deepening the mutual understanding within the community and making them develop their territories. Tourism helps to increase the employment level of the people, develop the market relations, international cooperation, and preserve the ecological balance. The development of tourism improves the investing environment, becomes the source of replenishment of the state and local budgets, and contributes to the development of the branches of economy connected with tourism.


The following main types of recreation are the most popular among tourists and visitors of the Carpathian Region: ski tourism (the popular mountain areas are: Polianytsia, Yablunytsia, Vorokhta of Yaremeche town council, the town of Kosiv, the villages of Sheshory and Tiudiv in Kosiv district, settlement Verkhovyna, village Vyshkiv in Dolyna district of Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast and the town of Borsha, Kavnik, Isvoare village in Maramures county); hiking and bicycle tourism (the most popular among the tourists are the routs along the Tchornohora range, visiting such mountains as Hoverla, Pip Ivan, Petros, Hytun, Borsha, Maramures, visiting mountain lakes Brebeneskul, Nesamovyte, Maricheika and cycle ecological tourist route to urochishche Kozakova Dolyna fllowing the route of Ivano-Frankivsk – Vovchyntsi – urochishche Kozakova Dolyna ‒ Poberezhzhia village – Hanusivka village – Usin village –  Kolodiivka village – Ivano-Frankivsk and route Hytun Reily – Baia-Reily); water tourism (the most popular among the tourists is the water route through Dnister Canyon and descents for short distances on rafts through the river Prut, Cheremosh, Soms, Bystrytsia, Rebra Salauta); health tourism (mineral waters ‘Horianka’ in Novyi Mizun' village, Dolyna district, ‘Burkut’ from Verkhovyna district, ‘Cherche’ in Cherche village, Rohatyn district and Okna Suhutaha in Maramures); green rural tourism (according to the latest data in the sphere of rural tourism in the Carparthian region the number of families that work with different service levels totals 1100); educational and sightseeing tourism (the main events: international festival ‘Christmas in the Carpathians’, Velykden in Kosmach, Kosmach village in Kosiv region, Blacksmith Festival in Ivano-Frankivsk, Open Regional Festival ‘Pysanka’ in Kolomyia, Polonyna Summer in Verkhniy Yaseniv, Verkhovyna Region, Patriotic Song Festival and event ‘Yavoryna’ in Dolyna Region, Festival of Extreme Sports ‘Mizunska Zvyhoda’ in Novyi Mizun', Dolyna Region, International Hutsul Festival, International Art Project ‘Porto-Franko-2011’, the Festival of Bread in Ivano-Frankivsk, Bojkivska Vatra in Rozhniativ Region, Festival of Carpathian Summer, Festival of Honey by Boyky in Dolyna Region and arranged tourist programmes, for example excursions to wooden churches in Iza Valley, tours to Sapanta, ‘Merry Cemetery’ and monastery  in Sapanta, celebration of Christmas in Maramures, etc.

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