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Educational and sightseeing tourism

The Carpathian Region has a powerful potential for the development of cultural and sightseeing tourism.


An important factor of the development of cultural, educational and sightseeing tourism is the beneficial location of regional centers of the Carpathian Region (Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast and Maramures Council) pertaining to other population centers of the region. Generally, the distance from Ivano-Frankivsk in Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast and Baia-Mare in Maramures County to the nearest settlement in any direction does not exceed 30-40 km, which makes it possible to work out radial routes from the regional center. The embranchment of road network allows for creation of radial routes in any town of the region.


The main tourist transit route of the Carpathian Region is route N-10, that passes through Ukraine, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia.


The road network gives the opportunity to enclose more than two-thirds of the natural, historical and cultural monuments of the region with the help of radial sightseeing tour routes; it also promotes the development and formation of radial routes across the region.


In the past the main consumer of sightseeing services were school groups, which within the framework of educational programmes got acquainted with the history and culture of the region. Nowadays the main characteristic feature of the sightseeing services is the combination of services of high skilled tourist guides and motor transport services. Sightseeing programmes are worked out and implemented by tourism companies.


Another factor in the development of cultural and educational tourism in the region is holding cultural, arts and sports activities and festivals, celebrating holidays, which honour religious events. An important place in the calendar of mass events in the Carpathian Region (Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast and Maramures County) belongs to:

  • international festival 'Christmas in the Carpathians' (January);
  • festival of songs and Ukrainian traditions / Sighetu Marmatiei (January);
  • Verzhelul / Koruia, Dumbrevitsa (January);
  • Udatoriul / Surdesti, Ketatele, Kufoaia (April);
  • Velykden in Kosmach (Kosmach village, Kosiv region, May);
  • Blacksmith Festival (Ivano-Frankivsk, May);
  • Open Regional Festival 'Pysanka' (May, Kolomyia);
  • Taniava-de-Mara / Khoten' (May);
  • National Holidays / Dragomiresht', Chieiu, Tyrgu Lepush, Chykyrleu, Kupseni, Repedia (May);
  • Polonyna Summer (Verkhniy Yaseniv, Verkhovyna Region, June);
  • Santsinele / Baita-de-sub Kodru, Tavitsi Makheraus, Borsha, Rona de Zhos (June);
  • Wedding Festival / Vadul Izei (June);
  • National holidays / Budesht', Petrova, Satu-Lunh, Shomkuta-Mare (June);
  • Patriotic Song Festival and event 'Yavoryna' (Dolyna Region, July);
  • Festival of Extreme Sports 'Mizunska Zvyhoda' (Novyi Mizun', Dolyna Region, July);
  • Mara-Musical / Botiza, Ieud, Vadul Izei (July);
  • Wedding Festival / Vadul Izei (July);
  • National holidays / Bochykuiu-Mare, Stoichen', Dumbrevitsa (July);
  • International Hutsul Festival (August);
  • International Art Project 'Porto-Franko-2011', the Festival of Bread (Ivano-Frankivsk, August);
  • Festival of Carpathian Summer, Festival of Honey by Boyky (Dolyna Region, August);
  • Romania Round Dance in Pryslip / Borsha (August);
  • National Holidays / Rozvalya, Botiza, Breb, Sat Suhetah, Rona de Zhos, Hroshi Tiblesului (August);
  • Bee Garden Festival / Tsernesti (August);
  • Bojkivska Vatra (September, Rozhniativ Region);
  • Folklore Festival / Asuazhu-de-Sus, Somkuta-Mare, Remetia-Kioarului (September);
  • Winter festival of customs and traditions / Sihetu Marmatsiej, Tyrhu Lepush (December).

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