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Tour “National natural parks and nature reserves of the Carpathians”

Tour Description

The developed tourist product has a distinct ecological direction. The main target audience is made up of eco-tourists and nature lovers. This tourist product is also designed for young audiences, namely the students of geography and biology departments of Ukrainian universities.

The peculiarity of this tour is in the fact that in a comparatively short time (no more than 12 days) potential tourists have the opportunity to get acquainted with the most famous and unique nature reserve territories of Ukrainian and Romanian Carpathians during one tour only.

Taking this journey, you will discover the beauty of untouched nature and learn a lot about its biological diversity.

The Carpathian Mountains have beautiful landscapes: mountains and green valleys, rocks, which rise to the heights, precipitous hillsides. Mountain villages, which are on the way of the tour, summer tents, built by the villagers for stocking hay, unknown paths of shepherds, which run through forests and meadows ‒ all these things create a unique atmosphere.

On the territory of Rakhiv Region in Zakarpattia Oblast you will be able to see Hutsul Alps and Maramures Massifs, as well as unique relics, preserved on the territory of the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve.

After that, you will have a unique opportunity to visit Romania – Maramures County. You will try local food and enjoy subalpine grasslands of Tatar Tableland and highland swamps. You will visit open-air museums, and take a unique train trip. In the spring time there is a wonderful opportunity to visit the narcissus valley both in Ukraine and in Romania. 

The tour is designed for the tourists that do not want to follow only arranged routes and are ready to visit places of wild nature of the Carpathians. The tour is for those people who desire to see rare representatives of flora and fauna of the Carpathian mountain country, and see places which not every traveler has the opportunity to visit.

Tourists have to have personal tourist equipment and possess basic skills of hiking in the mountains. The presence of professional photo and video equipment is recommended. The number of tourists in the group varies from 6 to 8 persons.

The following nature reservation territories are included in the programme of the tour:

  1. Halych National Nature Park (Halych Region of Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast);
  2. “Kniazhdvir” Botanic Reserve of state significance (Kolomyia Region of Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast);
  3. National Nature Park “Hutsulshchyna” (Kosiv Region of Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast);
  4. Verkhovyna National Nature Park (Verkhovyna Region of Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast); 
  5. Carpathian National Nature Park (Verkhovyna Region and the territory of Yaremche Town Council of Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast); 
  6. Carpathian Biosphere Reserve (Vynohradiv, Khust, Tiachiv and Rakhiv Regions of Zakarpattia Oblast);
  7. “Synevyr” National Natural Park (Mizhhiria Region of Zakarpattia Oblast); 
  8. Nature Reservation territories of Maramures County in Romania.  


Information about nature reserve territories  

Halych National Nature Park (http://galychpark.if.ua) was created on August 9, 2004 on the territory of Halych region in Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast. The aim of the park is to preserve, reproduce and use typical and unique forest, meadow-steppe and river marsh natural complexes and objects, which have a special nature preservation value, as well as scientific, historically-cultural, health-improving, educational and aesthetic ones.

The park occupies the territory of 14684.8 ha.

The park contains 45 species of plants and 37 species of animals, which are the representatives of the Red Book of Ukraine, 4 and 9 species respectively are on the European Red List and 6 species of plants and 158 species of animals are under the protection of Berne Convention. Tourist routes and ecological educational paths run through the most interesting places of the park.

In the town of Halych there are 143 monuments (objects) of cultural heritage, including 118 archaeological, 10 architectural, 15 historical and cultural monuments. They are of great value and are protected by the National Reserve “Ancient Halych”.

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