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Culture, customs and traditions

  • Easter customs in the Hutsul region. The selected setting by the Christian Church after the resurrection from the dead of Jesus Christ, Easter holiday is celebrated in Hutsulshchyna with the wealth rituals and customs.

On Palm Sunday the hutsuls bring from the church consecrated willow-shutka (in Hutsulshchyna it's called “b'yechka”), it is lightly hit each of the family and saying: “I am not beat, beats b'yechka – henceforth for a week Easter is!” Consecrated shutka-willow in the notion of hutsuls ancestors had healing properties as such that welcomed Christ.

Great Lent – a time making Easter eggs. Each village in Yaremche had their masters.

For the consecration in the church in the Easter basket or paskivnyk placed Easter cakes, Easter eggs, eggs, cheese, butter, sausage, meat, salt.

Binding were bitter zela (horseradish) in memory of the bitterness of Christ's passion as well as wax candle stuck in the Easter cake is a symbol of the divine light and Christ's resurrection. Wealthy Hutsul man went to church on horseback or festive wagon and the poor went on foot.

Ivano-Frankivsk Region is also the place for holding the D.Sichynskyy festival of chorus music, the Barvinskyy contest of pianists, festivals of puppet theatres and artists gatherings.

Every year international folklore festivals “Boiky’s Bonfire” and “Christmas in the Carpathians” and other are held in the Region.

Also below there is a time and place of the other main festivals of Ivano-Frankivsk Region:

  • May: International Festival of blacksmith art “Fest of the blacksmiths”, Ivano-Frankivsk;
  • July: Jeep-travel, Dolyna and Rozhnyativ Districts;
  • July: Festival of Extreme Sports “Mizunska Zvyhoda” Dolina District;
  • July: International festival of ethnic music and land-art ‘Sheshory”, Kosiv District;
  • August: International Hutsul festival, turns areas, inhabited by the ethnographic groups of Hutsuls;
  • September: Ukrainian folk arts festival “Prykarpatskyy vernissage ”, Ivano-Frankivsk.


Maramureş County

Maramureş County includes ethnographic areas that still preserve the authentic folk art: the Land of Maramureş, the Land of Lapus, the Land of Chioar and the Codru Land. In each of these areas, all beliefs, customs, traditions, costumes, equipment and working tools have been developed as a specific feature of a particular way of life, with differences from one region to another.

Traditions and customs are still part of daily life in Maramures. Traditional cultural events, folk festivals and fairs are held throughout the year by a set timetable in each year, attracting many tourists. Maramures villagers celebrate their holidays and traditions with great enthusiasm. They bow their heads in prayer, enjoy their dances and music, and celebrate the places where they were born. Traditional food and beverages accompany most events and celebrations. Experiencing the local food and drink during one of the many festivals or events can be an exciting way for visitors to acquaint with the people and lifestyles of Maramures villages.

We can mention some events from the Maramures County:

  • January: New Year’s Customs (in the villages of Maramureş, the New Year’s Day overflows with customs and beliefs); Ukrainian Carol Festival, Epiphany’s Day.
  • February: The Snow Festival (events in the ski resort: concerts, folk music, ski competitions, fireworks, etc.).
  • March: Annunciation’s Day (March 25th).
  • April (or May): Easter Customs (The people of Maramureş celebrate Easter with piety: painting eggs, going to the Resurrection Service, food blessed by the priest); “Udătorul”  from Şurdeşti (the hardest working villager is celebrated).
  • May: “Tânjaua de pe Mara” (old agrarian ritual celebrating of the first man who worked the field this season); Festival of Ukrainian Songs, Dances and Customs; “The Daffodils” Festival (Traditional costumes, parade and folk group performance).
  • June: “Sânzâiene” (traditional costumes parade and folk groups performance); “Nu vă uitaţi că-s micuţ” (Even Though I am a Child – Children Folk groups Festival) in Budeşti, celebrated on Whit Sunday.

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